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Video: Travelers watch in horror as burning plane lands in front of them


This kid can turn his head a horrifying 180 degrees

Sameer Khan is a 14-year-old from Pakistan with an incredibly unique talent: He can turn his head a full 180 degrees. He currently works with a dance group, and he hopes to one day star in horror movies.


This little girl's skin is so fragile that even hugging hurts

Ella Murray is a 10-year-old from Virginia living with a severe case of Epidermolysis bullosa, or EB. This rare genetic disorder causes blistering from the slightest rubbing, including skin contact from clothing and even a hug. To learn more about Ella’s journey, as well as stories of other Butterfly Children, visit the online campaign “Tag with Ella.”

After filming 'goodbye video' to his son, father drops 350 pounds to save his life

Zach Moore, a 36-year-old from Florida, feels like he has a new lease on life after changing his eating habits and dropping a remarkable 350 pounds. Worried that his weight problems would kill him, he decided to get in shape so that his 8-year-old son wouldn't grow up without a father.


'Idiotic' man jumps in front of train to reach platform

Sydney Trains, an Australian transit company, recently released footage from August 2017 showing a man jumping onto the tracks before leaping back onto an adjacent platform. The man narrowly avoided an oncoming train. Officials described the individual as "idiotic" and "reckless," as his actions nearly caused his legs to be smashed by the train.


NYC's massive floodgates prepare the city for a doomsday disaster

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is installing massive, 25-ton floodgates and other state-of-the-art measures to protect New York City’s train and vehicle tunnels. In 2012, the salt-water surge from Hurricane Sandy destroyed electrical junctions and put several subway lines out of commission for months.


This is what a mustache looks like after growing for nearly 50 years

Ram Singh has been growing his mustache since 1970, and he doesn't plan on cutting it anytime soon. Measuring in at 18.5 feet long, it's longer than three average-size people lying head-to-feet.


Astros fans play biggest game of catch after woman drops her hat into crowd

When a Houston Astros fan dropped her hat from the seventh floor of a parking garage, she probably assumed it was gone forever. Luckily, Astros fans take care of each other, and the entire crowd worked together in a remarkable way to get the item back to her.


Take an ‘isolated’ selfie while hundreds of tourists wait and watch

Tourists in Norway appear to sit in tranquil isolation at the edge of Trolltunga, a stunning rock formation hovering over Lake Ringedalsvatnet. The truth is hordes of hikers cue up for hours to achieve the perfect selfie. They quickly take the shot, then hurry back down the mountain, sometimes dangerously in the dark. “It’s not authentic Norwegian nature that a lot of people expect,” said tour guide Kenneth Warvik.


This swanky dog hotel isn't for just any pooch

D Pet Hotels in Chelsea is nicer than most New York City apartments, which is crazy because it's a hotel for dogs. The high-end service provides dogs with fancy suites to stay in, but only if they pass the proper temperament tests before joining.


Venezuelan president chomps on an empanada while his country starves

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, was caught sneaking a bite of an empanada during one of his compulsory all-media television speeches. Meanwhile, the oil-rich South American country is suffering from food and medicine shortages, mass inflation and daily political unrest.