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The Most Famous Holiday Decorations in the World

The holiday season is many things, but first and foremost, it's a time of dazzling decorations. And it's not just your living room—entire communities get in on the action. Some cities take it seriously, and strew town squares with dazzling string lights and the like. Some cities go all out, and throw festivals and parades and tree lightings. And a select few cities go so far to make those cities look like half-effort chumps.

The result: tree lightings with A-lister guest lists, Christmas markets that seem like they're out of a literal fairytale (like the one above, in Dresden, Germany), and interactive light displays so ethereal that walking through them feels like you've temporarily ascended to the next plane. If you thought your town square's gigantic tree was a sight to behold, you'll want to scroll on, because we've rounded up the most magical, stunning, renowned holiday decorations on the planet. Happy holidays. And if you're stumped on holiday shopping this year, See Here to Win the Ultimate Style Gift from Brooks Brothers.